8 Quick Life Tips & Habits

  1. Stack natural peanut butter upside down to prevent it from separating. The oil will rise to the top, making mixing much easier!

2. Whenever you temporarily put down something, say it aloud. For example, “I put my phone on the dresser.” As a result, many more areas of the brain are engaged, especially the language centers, which makes the memory richer and makes it less likely that you will forget where it is. You can also say it out loud when you turn off stove burners, blow out a candle, or unplug your hair straightener. As a result, you’ll no longer have those moments where you leave the house or are lying in bed and suddenly ask yourself, did I leave that on?

3. Flip a coin if you’re having trouble making a decision. As you wait for the result, your mind automatically starts wishing for what you want.

4. Set up your bedroom first when you move into a new apartment or house. Therefore, you can just fall into it when you’re tired and have had enough. There’s nothing worse than being exhausted and having to make the bed before getting into it.

5. Keep your car keys with something you bring to someone’s house that you don’t want to forget. You can’t leave without your keys so you won’t leave without that item either. Of course, assuming you can trust the people there.

6. Bloodstains are easily removed by hand washing with bar soap. Make sure you use cold water, not hot. Heat will set the stains.

7. Spend a few seconds each time you are free to pet your dog or cat and really appreciate them. The following is a phrase I heard somewhere: Your pets are only part of your life, but you are your pet’s entire life.

8. If you can’t open a jar or container, run the lid under hot water for 30 seconds. Let it dry so you can get a good grip, then open it.



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